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Bruce Gibbins
5 / 5

Sex dolls have been around for hundreds of years" Jesus, I hope they have kept them clean, disease free and intact.This will be a very pleasant shopping experience.

Silicone realistic sex doll Future Doll 162cm (5ft4) Emma sex dolls
5 / 5

Doll looks amazing and exactly what I wanted. Also was very well packaged and the seller was extremely helpful. Would definitely buy from this seller agian.

Sex doll price HR Doll 160cm (5ft3) Anita Real doll sex
krimo kherfia
4 / 5

Play a few days to share with you, first of all, in fact, cleaning is not so troublesome, do not have to wash the whole body, where the use of where to wash on it, the manufacturer sent a cleaning thing inserted into the rinse on it, wearing a condom, then the service attitude, customer service is very patient to explain to me, because after all, it is the first time to buy these things.

Silicone dolls Future Doll 163cm (5ft4) Fay Real doll sex
Verde Soul
5 / 5

This is one of the things I have bought that I am satisfied with. The workmanship is very fine, the material is very soft, and cleaning is also very convenient. Satisfied. The material is soft, delicate, and feels good. The packaging is very tight. The packaging is very private. I can't see what it is. It's worth having.

Love Dolls 163cm (5ft4) Evelyn Life size sex dolls
Patino T.
5 / 5

Packaging is also very hidden completely invisible, get your hands feel very comfortable, good value for money, this price should not buy a better, not much flavor, indeed, in many details are very thoughtful, make things look very feel.

Silicone realistic sex doll Future Doll 162cm (5ft4) Emma sex dolls
4 / 5

Distribution is very good, the express is very fast. A little oily, especially in the summer of, let me use laborious, wash many times. The weight is a bit large, this is acceptable. can be heated, and feel good to use. Hope these suggestions are useful

Silicone sexdoll Future Doll 163cm (5ft4) Ethel TPE real
5 / 5

Because of work reasons separated from his wife, busy to meet only a few times a year, usually can not betray her, intend to buy a try, with a period of time, the effect is really remarkable, at least no longer use their hands, and then the store also gave me a lot of gifts, overall simple to use, good quality, no color difference, really beautiful, cost-effective, is genuine, this time to buy a very worthwhile.

Realistic sex doll Future Doll 163cm (5ft4) Flora Sex doll
Katz A.
5 / 5

Recently been using, the feeling is not good to describe, only you can experience with their own, bought other sites, think this site is better, the doll does not smell, the material and workmanship are very good, basically use it without any problems, the use of relatively simple.

Silicone Head Dolls Future Doll 163cm (5ft4) Hedy Real doll
1. Nothing to be Shame on Purchasing Sex Dolls

Along with the advancement of the times and the emancipation of the mind, people increasingly realize that sexuality is a normal need that everyone should embrace courageously. Studies also show that regular orgasms are beneficial to both physical and mental health. According to a recent study by Harvard Medical School, regular orgasms bring a 22% decrease in the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Sex was or may still be an inherent topic that most people want to avoid. But it seems that the times are changing, and people are beginning to adapt and everything related to the event is completely normal. Why should any one of us hide or fear natural things? So mankind created sex dolls. In addition, to be honest, the sex doll is not what it used to be, and the design of the face and body details is becoming more and more realistic. You may not even be able to tell if it is a real person or a doll.

In conclusion, everyone should be brave and free to embrace and explore this normal need, and sex dolls and toys are just tools to help meet your needs. No one should be ashamed of buying sex dolls or toys. It is legal, and they can be your companion or bring you special sexual experiences.

2. The Expanding Sex Doll Market

Since realistic sex dolls entered online and offline shops, and the media carried out widespread coverage, more and more people get access to this novel product, which makes it prevalent gradually in the world, especially in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Over the past decade, great changes have taken place in the love dolls industry. Having grown from a small-sized business, it has now become a global industry that focuses on the production of top-quality, multifunctional, and life-sized sex dolls. Nowadays, sex dolls can not only assume the role of sex partners or companions but also play a part in artistic expression and creation.

In addition, love doll users are not just single men who seek sexual pleasure. People like couples also love to use sex dolls to explore different experiences or as a substitute for their partner when they are absent. Thanks to high-quality sex dolls, couples can enjoy realistic sexual experiences without any emotional damage.

3. Benefits of Using Sex Dolls

People who are curious about sex dolls but have never used one must have the same question in mind – what are the benefits of using sex dolls? Keep reading and you will get the answers.

To Seek Satisfaction
To meet your sexual desire is the most fundamental function of sex dolls. Made of special materials, sex dolls have lifelike supple skin and internal structure, which ensures a realistic sexual experience. Whether you are single or not, when you have a sex doll, you can get sex regularly to perfect your performance and give your partner a surprise now or in the future.

To Get Company
In today’s society, many people enjoy living alone, but sometimes you might also want a companion. At this time, sex dolls can serve your needs well. They have real-sized bodies and look exactly like real people, but they never say no to you. You can do whatever you want, watching TV or having tea in the yard, and sex dolls will always be your best companion.

To Reduce Risks
Risks of getting sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy do exist during sex with real people despite protective measures. However, you do not need to worry about this if you use sex dolls. In particular, AXDOLL dolls are made of safe and eco-friendly materials, which are harmless to human health. During this worldwide pandemic, using sex dolls is also a safe way to release yourself.

To Explore Freely
What’s the best of sex dolls? It’s that they will never turn you down or complain. You can just free your imagination and try any positions that you want. This does not just work for single people. Those in a relationship can also use sex dolls to get something new and exciting and vitalize their relationships.
It might not be easy to look for a compatible partner in reality. However, there are a wide variety of dolls on the market, with which you can always find an ideal one. You can also order a custom-made doll based on your favorite model and size.

To Build Up Confidence
Sex dolls can be used as your partner to practice your techniques and improve your performance, through which you can gain more confidence in sex. Meanwhile, if you encounter anything disappointing or annoying, you can seek comfort from sex dolls. They are always there for you, never leaving you alone only if you need them. You can vent your anger, and they won’t get afraid and become estranged from you. They will just take all your negative emotions patiently until you recover from them. They are your best cheerleaders.

To Lower Costs
Imagine how much you need to spend if you are in a relationship with a real person, such as expenditures on dating, traveling, gifts for various festivals, shopping, and so on, let alone the time and energy consumption. Fortunately, sex dolls will help you save this spending. They will be good partners or companions, but they won’t ask for any luxuries or complain to you about your busy work. When you need them, they are just there. When you are busy, they will wait for you quietly. What sex dolls can give you is far more than what you pay for them.

To sum up, sex dolls can be excellent companions or sex partners if you are single, and they can also bring new vitality to your relationships with real people. Bring a sex doll home, and you will enter a new world. If you want to know more details about sex dolls, please continue with the following introduction.

4. Sex Dolls – A Worthwhile Investment

A sex doll often costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. “Is it worth the price?” you might wonder, especially when you are a first-time buyer. The answer is definitely a yes if you are shopping in a reliable store like AXDOLL, where you can get premium, lifelike, durable love dolls. Yes, buying sex dolls is a worthwhile long-term investment, in which you can gain more than what you pay.

Quality Materials & Realistic Design
AXDOLL dolls are made of top-quality medical TPE materials and sturdy life-sized metal skeleton, which facilitates our dolls with human-like supple skin and lifelike body structures that can support diverse postures. These guarantee that you can gain realistic experiences and pleasure. More importantly, all materials are harmless to human health.

At the same time, we offer multiple customized options, such as eye color, nail color, mouth type, and so forth, and a complete custom option is available. You can freely choose what you want and get exactly what you order.

High Durability & Easy Maintenance
Owing to the premium materials that we use, AXDOLL dolls are usually durable for years if they are well maintained. To keep it in good condition, it just takes a few simple steps, such as cleaning in time, avoiding sunlight, keeping it in a lying or sitting position, etc. All these will be easy and quick in comparison with what you need to do for a real partner.

5. Factors Influencing Sex Dolls’ Price

When you browse a sex doll shop, you will find that the prices vary with different dolls. Even the same-looking dolls have different prices if you add a series of customized options to your order. What on earth affects the prices of sex dolls? Apparently, branded love dolls usually cost higher, while promotional items have more favorable prices. Besides these usual rules, here we summarize several specific factors that relate to sex dolls’ price.

Size & Height: The bigger or higher the doll, the more materials used. Accordingly, the cost will be higher. When two dolls have the same height, then the one larger often costs more.

Special Body Parts: AXDOLL offers standard and upgrade versions for several body parts of sex dolls, including standard mouth & mouth with tongue, standard breasts & softer hollow breasts, not standing feet & standing feet, built-in vagina & removable vagina, and standard shoulders & shrugging shoulders. Additional fees will be charged for upgrade versions.

Additional Functions: If you want to get more realistic experiences, you can also pay more to add a body heating system or an intelligent moaning system to your doll.

Custom Sex Dolls: A fully customized love doll is also available. It might cost more than ordering one from our sex dolls, but we can make a doll based on the pictures and measurements that you offer, and it’s only built for you!

6. Economical Ways to Buy Sex Dolls

Using Discount Codes
If you create an account at AXDOLL and join our mailing list, you will have the chance to get discount codes by email sometimes. The discount code will be sent at random, and you can use it within the period of validity.

Buying Promotional Dolls
On specials days, such as Black Friday or Christmas, AXDOLL usually launches promotions, during which you can enjoy favorable prices. Sometimes we also sell several dolls at a special price. You can browse our online store anytime to check the latest promotions.

In general, AXDOLL always offers top-quality dolls at competitive prices. If you find the same doll with a lower price at another reliable, authorized store like us, please email us and we will see if we can match it. You can check our price match guarantee for more details.

7. A Guide to the Use of Sex Dolls

AXDOLL sex dolls are equipped with real-sized bodies and realistic body structures, including lifelike vaginas for female love dolls and penis for male love dolls. In particular, our dolls are made of premium medical TPE materials, and every part, such as the vagina, mouth, and anus, is made with realistic internal structures. Therefore, our dolls are just like real people. What’s different is that they might endure more and bring you special experiences and pleasure.

How to make the best of sex dolls? Here’s a guide for you to help you enjoy yourself to the full!

Vaginal Intercourse
Most people enjoy sexual pleasure through vaginal sex. AXDOLL provides two types of vaginas for sex dolls – built-in vagina and removable vagina, both of which can give you a realistic feeling. The built-in vagina is fixed, which might bring you a better experience. By contrast, the removable vagina is easy to clean. A condom or lubricant can be used for protection. To clean it after use, you can use water and a common shower, and a professional vagina cleaner will also be helpful.

Oral Intercourse
Oral sex is not an easy job for everyone, but it’s absolutely a piece of cake for sex dolls. Some might refuse to have oral sex; some might feel uncomfortable soon even when you haven’t got enough of it. However, a sex doll will never have these negative reactions. You can do it as much as you want, anytime.

Anal Intercourse
Not all partners can accept anal sex. In fact, anal sex is proved to be a healthy way, and many people get special pleasure from it. Fortunately, sex dolls will never say no to you and they won’t complain at all. So even if you are new to this work, you can be completely courageous to explore and try. Maybe it will open up a new world to you. Of course, lubricants may help you if necessary.

In addition to the approaches mentioned above, there’s more you can do with real sex dolls. Just give full play to your imagination and explore it freely.

8. Recommended Positions for Sexual Intercourse with Sex Dolls

Thanks to the quality metal skeleton with flexible joints, AXDOLL sex dolls can support as many positions as a real girl can make, and they may endure more. Given your pleasure and the protection of dolls, it is advised to use positions that can sustain the doll steadily, such as putting it on a flat level like a bed, a sofa, or a desk. Standing is available for dolls with standing feet, but to avoid damages of the feet, standing without support for a long time is not recommended. For your reference, the most recommended positions for sexual intercourse are as follows:

Missionary Position
The missionary position is the most common one that many people can accept. A vital tip is to ensure that the doll is placed on a smooth, flat surface. One reason for this is to keep it stable and save your extra energy; the other reason is to protect the doll from unnecessary damages to the skin caused by pointed or rough things. Secondly, putting the doll’s arms at the two sides will make it more stable. Thirdly, you can raise the doll’s legs and lift its pelvis slightly, which will make the intercourse easier.

Doggy Style Position
Put your doll in the middle of the bed, place it into a position like a doggy, and you can enjoy yourself. It’s not complicated, but please do not completely rest yourself on the doll. A doll cannot fully bear a real adult’s weight, which might cause damages to it, such as distortion.

Female on Top
If you are strong enough, this might be a position that you want to have a try. After adjusting your doll into a suitable position, you can just lift her and turn around. When you lay back on the bed, the doll will be on top of you. Make further adjustments if needed, and you can have fun with your doll.

Bent-Over Position
Stand behind your doll, bend the upper part of her body over a couch, a bed, a chair, or a pillow while keeping her legs standing. And you will find she’s in an inviting position for you to enter behind. Both anal sex and vaginal sex will be available. Please remember to bent her over a smooth, flat surface for fear of scratches on the skin.

Against the Wall
Find an appropriate place, such as a corner of your house, put your doll’s arms against the wall for support, and you can hold her from behind to enjoy it. You can also choose other places like a shower or a balcony, where you can find more pleasure and maintain the doll in a stable position.

Start off lying your doll on her side and bending her arms forward to make her in a spooning position. Put her legs at a suitable angle for support, raise her upper leg to enable your penetration. This position is the most intimate and sexiest. It’s highly recommended when you are using a heavy doll, which will help you save a lot of energy on holding the doll.

Popular Positions for Oral Sex
Kneeling: Place your doll in a kneeling position on a carpet or a soft foam pad on the floor, adjust the height of her head, and you can enjoy her blowjob. Lying: Lay the doll on her belly, put your lap underneath her head, and you know well what to do next.

9. Sex Doll Maintenance Guide

Using appropriate tools and methods to clean sex dolls is an efficient way to prolong the dolls’ service life and keep them in good condition. Thanks to the quality materials and design, AXDOLL dolls are easy to clean. Here are some useful tips for you.

First of all, it is important to clean your doll in time after using, especially to clean the holes. Even if it’s not in use for some time, regular cleaning is recommended. Also, please use warm water, soft cloth, and mild cleaners like soaps or shampoos to clean your doll gently. The antibacterial cleaner will be better. After that, you should keep the doll dry and cool. If you would like to know more details about how to clean specific parts of a doll, please refer to the following advice.

1. Head Cleaning
Please do not soak the doll’s head into water or wet the eyes. To avoid this, you can detach the doll’s head if necessary, such as when you bathe the doll. For the cleaning of the doll’s head, you can use a soft facecloth or sponge coated with soapy water to wipe the doll’s face, head, and neck in a gentle way. Afterward, use a wet, clean towel to wipe off the soaps, and dry the head with a cloth. Talcum powder can be used to get rid of the remaining water, and then just leave the doll in a cool place for a while to make it dry completely.

2. Hair Cleaning
Take the wig off before Cleaning, wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner, and rinse the hair thoroughly. It is strongly recommended to dry the hair naturally and then brush it to keep it smooth. If a hairdryer must be used, please use the lowest setting since the high temperature will cause damages.

3. Holes Cleaning
A doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth are small and deep holes that need to be cleaned carefully. Small swab sponges and medical pincers can help you reach the internal parts. You can soak a small swab sponge head into warm water with antibacterial soaps to rub the holes two times. Later you can use new sponges to dry the holes and dry the external parts with talcum powder.

Besides the method mentioned above, you can also purchase specialized equipment for cleaning, such as anal or vaginal irrigators, which will be more convenient.

To protect your dolls from damages like stains or indentions, we suggest that your doll should wear light-colored, loose, and dry clothes. If you do prefer dark-colored clothes, please purchase high-quality ones and wash them several times to ensure that the clothes won’t stain your doll. Even so, please remember to take off the clothes after you use the doll. Do not dress your doll in dark-colored and tight clothes for a long time.

The most appropriate way to store a doll is to put it in a cool, dark place, like a specialized hanger, storage case, or couch that you can buy at AXDOLL. If you do not want to buy one, you can also use the packaging box that comes with the doll. It’s also important to place your doll in a lying or sitting position to avoid damages or long-time stress caused by its weight.
Below are some situations that TPE sex dolls should avoid:
Sunlight: Excessive direct sunlight may fade a doll’s skin tone and even weaken the durability of the skin.
Sharp Objects: Anything sharp or pointed might impale and tear a doll’s skin.
Dark-colored Objects: Prolonged exposure to dark-colored objects like clothes or a storage bag may stain a doll’s skin.
Silicone: TPE and silicone may trigger chemical reactions, which would degrade these two types of materials.
Dust: Dust may stick to a doll’s skin and make it dirty if the doll is not stored in a proper place like a storage bag or box.

10. Scam Warnings

Since sex dolls are becoming more and more accepted by people and the online sex doll businesses grow rapidly, many illegal sellers have sprung up to profit by scams like selling counterfeit sex dolls. In particular, selling fake dolls is very rampant on websites such as eBay, Amazon, or Ali-Express, where you must be careful enough to find a trustworthy shop and you should especially remain vigilant against cheap love dolls.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry about that at Real Sex Love Doll (AXDOLL), in which you can find both high quality and favorable prices. AXDOLL is a reliable authorized sex doll store that only offers genuine, approved sex dolls. We also gain the authorization to resell WM Dolls products, the most acclaimed love doll brand in the industry. With strict control over both quality and cost, AXDOLL always provides top-quality sex dolls at competitive prices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

11. Strengths of Real Sex Love Doll (AXDOLL)

Real Sex Love Doll (AXDOLL) is one of the most popular sex doll stores that boasts premium, various love dolls, favorable prices, and lots of other benefits for customers. Make a deal with AXDOLL, and you can enjoy more than you pay for.

Diverse Products

AXDOLL offers a wide variety of sex dolls, which are classified into different groups according to Body Type, Breast, Feature, Height, Material, and Gender. For example, the Body Type group includes BBW, Curvy, Petite, and Skinny sex dolls. If you choose to shop by Feature, you can find European Sex Dolls, Ebony Sex Dolls, Eyes Closed Sex Dolls, Japanese Sex Dolls, Milf Sex Dolls, Anime Sex Dolls, and Pregnant Sex Dolls. Particularly, you can get Male and Shemale Sex Dolls at AXDOLL.

Multiple Options

In addition to the diversity of dolls, AXDOLL also allows you to partially customize your love dolls. On the page of every doll, there are multiple options for your selection, covering body size, skin tone, eye color, nail color, mouth type, vagina type, feet type, etc.

Fully Custom-Made Sex Dolls

Are you fond of someone or a virtual character that you cannot reach in reality? AXDOLL can help you with it. Give us pictures and measurements and place an order following instructions, after which you can just wait to meet her/him.

Certification and R&D AXDOLL implements rigorous quality control over products, and all our realistic sex dolls are CE, ROHS, 6P, and MSDS certified. Therefore, many famous publications like The New York Times have referred to AXDOLL sex dolls.
AXDOLL always works for better quality and more optimized design. That’s why we invest a lot in product research and development. Our goal is to bring you the best experience.

Warranty Service
AXDOLL sex dolls enjoy a one-year warranty.

Purchase Guarantee
AXDOLL Purchase Guarantee aims to protect you as a buyer. If you receive a doll different from your order or get a faulty doll, AXDOLL promises to offer compensation, assistance in repair, or a replacement.

Free Global Delivery
AXDOLL customers enjoy free shipping all over the world.

Tracking Number
After AXDOLL sends out your package, you will receive a tracking number within 24 hours. With this number, you can track your package anytime.

Payment Methods
Various payment methods are available at AXDOLL, such as PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card. No matter which method you choose, there will not be our brand name on the payment details. Payment through PayPal is highly recommended, which can protect you from scams. You can use PayPal without a PayPal account.

Privacy Protection
AXDOLL attaches great importance to your privacy protection. Therefore, our sex dolls will be packaged with a plain carton box, and nothing on the package will refer to sex dolls or our company’s name. If you don’t want to deliver it to your home, you can choose to pick up the package yourself at a local courier office.


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