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Nearly three years have passed since the coronavirus outbreak hit the world, and now that the epidemic is still sweeping the globe, many people want and desperately need sex dolls.

Notably, sex dolls were popular even before the virus outbreak, but the lockdown caused by the pandemic has made these dolls even more popular. During the New Crown Pneumonia pandemic and blockade, demand for realistic humanoid dolls spiked. Now, suppliers are struggling to keep up with production. In the interim, we have largely adapted to the unforeseen changes. While there is still hope for a brighter future and a coronavirus-free society, the pandemic has revealed a possible future in which love dolls, robotic sex dolls, and virtual worlds will become a central part of our daily lives.

This article examines some of the indicators that suggest the future of the sex doll industry can only get better.

It is clear that the New Crown Pneumonia pandemic and the resulting lockdown has led to a dramatic increase in demand for YL dolls. People who feel lonely can find companionship in these silicone dolls. On the other hand, some people who use sex dolls use them out of an abundance of caution. Coronavirus can be transmitted through direct contact. As a result, people are afraid to have sex with real people, believing that they could contract the deadly virus.

JY sex dolls and YL sex dolls

Do we want to touch and feel them?

Would an epidemic situation make people accept the idea of owning and using sex dolls? Those who were hesitant to embrace this "new" form of life are now the proud owners of love dolls.

After the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic, most countries in the world implemented and enforced a lockdown. People had to work from home. In addition, restaurants, clubs and major sporting events were postponed. With the possibility of being kept indoors for months, it wasn't long before orders and requests began pouring in at record levels. We had to increase our workforce in an effort to meet unforeseen demand.

Overall, the pandemic softened the hearts and minds of many people, making them more open and accepting of JY dolls and sex robots. We assume that even after the pandemic, people will not stop loving sex dolls and robots. Aside from the obligatory store sanitizer, the love for sex dolls is here to stay - the benefits are too great to give up!

We haven't gotten rid of it yet!

It is naive to think that the pandemic is over. Sure, the development and introduction of a vaccine will help, but that doesn't mean the coast is clear. After all, even if you are vaccinated, you can still contract the virus. Or with that in mind, it's fair to say that sex dolls aren't going away anytime soon.

Fortunately, we've been in good shape for the past 15 months, and the quality of sex dolls and robots is only going to improve as emerging technology develops. What better way to prepare in advance for possible blockades and social isolation than to buy yourself a doll.

So, even after living with Covid for almost two years, sex dolls will still be relevant in the future. We even assume that people will now turn to more advanced and realistic sex robots to satisfy their insatiable thirst for pleasure.

Technology and the age of sex robots

As mentioned earlier, this pandemic is one of the busiest times for love doll sellers. Not only did we have to work around the clock, but we also had to hire more employees to meet the high volume of orders and requests. This unexpected surge in sales created healthy competition among sex doll manufacturers, pushing them to their limits. To stand out from the competition, manufacturers are using the latest technology to attract consumers who are not only looking for sex in their dolls, but crave companionship rather than solitude.

Fortunately, we find ourselves in the midst of one of the most technologically advanced centuries. So what are the possibilities? I think we are a lucky generation about to experience the best of the sex doll world, virtual worlds, metaverse and robotics.

The pandemic has been an eye-opener and may even be a real boon. Forced blockades and segregation have rocked the industry and ultimately worked best. They also made it easier for people to accept change-which is positive in an area that has long been stigmatized. In the future, we'll have a healthy array of advanced sex dolls and robots interacting with virtual worlds and metaverse, and I hope we'll enjoy those blessings!

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