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Both materials have their pros and cons. If you're already a doll user, you know which one you prefer, but it's hard to decide when you're getting started. Even though price will play an important role when you buy your first doll, here's a pros and cons chart!

First, lover dolls are different from touch.
Just like silicone sex dolls, they feel a little hard. Compared to TPE dolls, TPE-like dolls are soft to the touch of the skin. Of course, silicone dolls can be very soft, but they will be more expensive, so many dolls on the site will vary in price, so unisex doll manufacturers currently on the market will make O degrees, which can be very comfortable to pinch, but TPE soft plastic dolls are relatively disastrous. Depending on the formula, silicone dolls can stretch three to five degrees, while TPE soft dolls can stretch six to eight times. As a result, TPE soft rubber has better tensile strength and stronger movement. In addition, it can easily crack if not handled properly.

Second, durability.
Silicone is stronger and more expensive than TPE, and better durability!
Pro on thermoplastic elastomers has better tensile resistance than silicones. (TPEs are rubber-based)

Third, cost.
This is a tricky issue. Due to the nature of thermoplastic elastomers (compounds), you can get thermoplastics in a variety of qualities.
From brand new products imported from Japan, to recycled products made in China. This has a huge impact on price because the dolls are only made with TPE (and metal backbone).
That's why you can see the same dolls as some well-known TPE brands (like WM dolls) for twice the price, because it's a replica!

This is a key factor in the TPE vs. silicone purchase option.

Fourth, hygiene.
Thermoplastic elastomers are porous, so bacteria can easily grow inside in humid and hot conditions.
These dolls need to be cleaned more carefully. Silicone is less "bacteria friendly" and therefore has fewer bacteria and less odor.
In any material, we recommend cleaning your dolls after each intercourse, for the sake of the dolls, but also primarily for your safety!

Fifth, flexibility.
Both TPE and silicone dolls are very realistic in terms of movement.
Fingers are made of metal wire, all dolls are the same, from middle to top, and you need to pay attention when posing.

Sixth, skin softness.
Both TPE and silicone dolls have soft skin, but it's hard to say which one you prefer!
For example, I prefer the feel of silicone and some of my colleagues prefer the feel of TPE. It's a matter of taste!

Seventh, Breast Realism.
Degree of softness. Thermoplastic elastomers are softer than silicone, so the breasts are not as hard.
TPE dolls' breasts are hollow because there is an empty gap inside.
If you like breast enlargement, you can ask for it.

Eighth, options.
Both are great, and now WM Doll is making faces with real tongue features!
WM Doll's latest silicone head is also a work of art! Taking realism to the next level.

Ninth, repairs.
For small tears, both are easy to repair.
But for larger repairs, silicone is harder because it has a hard time filling gaps like thermoplastic elastomers do. If it's damaged, don't wait to repair it!
Thermoplastic elastomers are also easy to remove from discoloration.

Tenth, waterproof.
Just be warned not to submerge the head in water and all will be well! (If you have a smart doll, avoid baths or showers because of the electronics inside.)

Eleventh, heating system.
Silicone is more advanced in this area, but TPE is starting to have some artificial intelligence features, such as AF dolls with moaning options

How to distinguish between the two when buying?
How to distinguish: Boiling method is the easiest way to distinguish. Silicone: emits white smoke and forms ash when burned; TPE: when burned, the plastic emits black smoke and forms a black oily residue.

Finally, whether it is silicone or TPE soft plastic H-cup sex doll, AX Doll is a high-quality sex doll, safety and quality will be guaranteed.