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Starpery - Adult silicone dolls and new silicone head sex dolls.Starpery brand has launched an ultra-realistic range of hybrid TPE and silicone material sex dolls and a range of all-silicone sex doll that can be easily posed in various sexual positions. They are also breathable, odourless and have a low grease rate. They also use a premium 'Platinum Silicone' blend, so their latest ultra-realistic sex dolls are super soft to the touch. Adult silicone dolls are also extremely lightweight.

Sylph 174cm (5ft9) - Starpery

Love doll Starpery Doll 174cm (5ft9) Sylph sex doll

$3,031 $2,425
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Armonica 171cm (5ft7) - Starpery

Real doll Starpery Doll 171cm (5ft7) Armonica Love doll

$2,282 $1,826
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Ivetta 167cm (5ft6) - Starpery

Love doll sale Starpery Doll 167cm (5ft6) Rosen sex doll

$2,948 $2,358
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Perlita 151cm (4ft11) - Starpery

Sexo doll Starpery Doll 151cm (4ft11) Perlita Love doll

$1,936 $1,549
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Lotilucia 159cm (5ft3) - Starpery

Male sex doll Starpery Doll 159cm (5ft3) Lotilucia Love doll

$2,050 $1,640
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