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JY doll always has two simple core values; First, high-quality products and services. Second, provide the best customer service.
JY doll is an experienced sex doll manufacturer located in Dongguan, China. It is one of the oldest sex doll manufacturers since 2008. They provide the largest life size catalog of love dolls, and specialize in manufacturing all solid TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls. By providing dolls made of various TPEs (a kind of multi-functional plastic), they have raised TPE sex dolls to a higher level, so customers can choose the skin feeling and body development of their sex dolls. Their TPE structure makes the skin feel soft, close to the adult body. The body is soft and elastic, and can be easily inserted into your favorite orifice. In addition, their posable framework allows you to position jydoll as needed — so reward yourself with a sexual partner

Lowellmina 170cm (5ft7) - JY Doll

Silicone love dolls JY Doll 170cm (5ft7) Lowellmina sex doll

$2,650 $2,120
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