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silicone sex doll is stronger, more expensive and more durable than TPE!
Specialised thermoplastic elastomers have better tensile strength than silicones. (TPEs are rubber-based)
Silicone is less "bacteria friendly" and therefore has less bacteria and less odour.
In any material, we recommend cleaning the doll after each intercourse, this is for the doll, but also mainly for your safety!
Silicone breasts are also softer and feel very similar to real people to the touch.

Lieserl 174cm (5ft9) - Starpery

Real doll Starpery Doll 174cm (5ft9) Lieserl Real sex doll

$3,031 $2,425
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Sylph 174cm (5ft9) - Starpery

Love doll Starpery Doll 174cm (5ft9) Sylph sex doll

$3,031 $2,425
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